Construction Permit Requirements

Information for Engineers, Plan Developers & Landowners

State law requires that an erosion and sediment pollution control (E&SPC) plan be developed for all projects involving earth disturbance, regardless of size (PA Clean Streams Law, Chapter 102).   Projects which impact high quality or exceptional value streams as defined by regulations promulgated under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ("NPDES") requirements need special care and have enhanced permit conditions.

The District reviews E&SPC plans under the terms of delegation agreements with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.   In most cases, a General NPDES Permit - issued by the District - is required before the start of construction.   When a high quality or exceptional value stream is located within the project area, an Individual NPDES Permit is required. Individual Permits are issued by DEP.

In either situation, E&SPC plan preparers should allow at least 90 days for review of project plans and associated documents.   Although requirements vary depending on the nature and scope of the earth disturbance, a complete application consists of:

  1. An erosion and sediment pollution control plan containing all checklist items,
  2. A project narrative describing in detail how the proposed controls will reduce stream pollution and runoff of sediment-laden water from the project site,
  3. A post-construction stormwater management plan prepared in accordance with Act 167 of 1978 (the Stormwater Management and Control Act), and
  4. A check in the amount required for the size of the project, payable to Allegheny County Conservation District, and if necessary,
  5. A check payable to ACCD - Clean Water Fund in the amount of $500 for a General NPDES Permit and $1500 for an Individual NPDES Permit.
  6. A check payable to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Clean Water Fund in the amount of a $100 fee per each disturbed acre is required for both Individual and General NPDES Permits.

Application for plan review by the District is available: Download .

An Expedited Plan Review by the District is available: Download .

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